A little about us

Welcome to Flâneur Travel – the complete tour service offering discerning yet discreet escorted travel for the flâneuse and flâneur who wish to travel gently and comfortably but still have a desire to discover, learn and enjoy.

We will offer unique, carefully curated tours with an emphasis on the cultural, the curious and the culinary. We unashamedly aspire to offer the very best.

When you choose Flâneur Travel, from the moment you leave your front door until long after you return – we will strive to offer our clients the utmost in service, comfort and care. For those who want to and are able to travel but perhaps are a little reluctant, Flâneur Travel will be with you every step of the way, both domestically and internationally (eventually), to help smooth out the occasional inevitable bumps.

At Flâneur Travel our primary focus is always on the customer experience. We have come from long careers in management, with expertise gained in hospitality, tour development and operations at private international clubs and in the highest levels of government. Hence our experience has taught us that by looking after and caring for the client, the client will look after and cares for us.


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COVID-19 has hit everyone very hard, particularly those who wish to travel and those who wish to offer travel opportunities, but with fingers crossed, the Flâneries for 2021 can slowly and safely commence soon.

To be among the first to know when we are operating and what we propose to offer, please enter your contact details in the form below to go on our mailing list. Of course, your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.


    to escape is the greatest of pleasures

    Virginia Woolf